Jean has completed his Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy and is currently studying an Advanced Diploma of Myotheraphy. He will graduate with a Bachelor degree in Health and Science.

As a sports and body movement enthusiast Jean has previously worked for the Port Melbourne Soccer Club, were he treated alongside Physiotherapists, developing a deeper understanding and skills for massage as well as sports/ kinesiology taping. His approach to Remedial Therapy treatments are a combination of Western & Eastern medicine philosophies. He views our bodies on a holistic level.

Before moving to Melbourne in 2019 he traveled around the world practicing and teaching yoga in Slovenia, India, luxury retreats in Italy and Surf resorts in North Sumatra/Indonesia. Through his regular practice of meditation and yoga he has developed a deep mind, body and soul connection, which he loves to share with others in a gentle, slightly challenging yet fun way.

In the past few years, he has discovered a love and passion for seeing the ”World upside down”. Jean’s practices handstands, arm balance, calisthenics & body movement, which is a testament to his strength and agility. His dedicated practice has shown him that our bodies are much more capable of challenges than we think. He loves encouraging others to not let fear stop us and grow as much humanly possible.

“I believe in your power to do amazing things through yoga practice and in your daily life.  It is so I wish to inspire you.”

Passionately curious about life – Jean Smole

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