Ballet Pre-Pointe Assessments

At PMPP we have physiotherapists who are trained to provide pre-pointe assessments for young ballet dancers.

At PMPP we have several physiotherapists who are trained to provide assessments to young ballet dancers wanting to embark on pointe training.

A ballet pre-pointe assessment involves a thorough medical and dance training history, postural assessment, technique assessment and detailed foot and ankle range of motion and strength testing. This allows the physio to determine a dancer’s readiness for pointe work.

A pre-pointe assessment is a useful tool to help identify risk factors and prevent injuries in young dancers.

Consultations take an hour, with a report and recommendations then provided to the dancer, parents and teacher. The dancer may be required to undertake a strength training program if pointe work is not recommended immediately, with re-assessment undertaken after the program is completed. Our physios will work together with dance teachers to assist the dancer in the process of reaching their ballet pointe dancing goals.