At Port Melbourne Physiotherapy & Pilates we have a range of products available for purchase in the clinic to assist clients with their health and fitness.
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Foam Rollers

A great device to help stretch out tight muscles- whether its muscle tightness related to your training regime or stiff tight backs, the foam rollers will help work wonders! There are also plenty of challenging core strengthening exercises that can be performed on the foam rollers, ask your physio today.

  • Large $75
  • Small $45
Complete Sleeprrr pillow


We often get asked what is the best pillow to use. At PMPP we recommend the memory foam Complete Sleeprrr pillows, designed to support your neck in both side-lying or sleeping on your back, allowing your spine to stay in alignment throughout the night. With the ability to adjust height and firmness, this is a very versatile pillow for everyone.

Complete Sleeprrr $110

Archies thongs

Archies Footwear

Archies thongs have built in orthotic arch support to help reduce stress and strainon your feet and lower limbs. They come in a range of colours and sizes.

  • $35

SRC shorts and leggings

The pregnancy products are specifically designed to provide gentle compression for your changing body. The garments are designed to help increase back/pelvic support, increase mobility and pelvic floor function, reduce pain as well as support varicose veins. The Recovery shorts/ leggings support around the abdomen, encouraging abdominal muscle function and also supporting muscles which have been stretched during pregnancy. They help improve mobility for mum when lifting and caring for a baby, provide gentle compression to caesarian or perineal wounds to speed up recovery as well as reduce pain and provide back support. These garments can also often be claimed on your private health insurance!
  • Shorts $189
  • Leggings $198