Remedial Massage

At Port Melbourne Physiotherapy and Pilates we offer remedial massage therapy
to assist with muscle recovery, pain relief and easing of tension.

At PMPP our highly qualified massage therapist, Michael, is highly skilled to apply advanced muscular release techniques, combined with more traditional massage.

Remedial therapies use specific massage techniques to treat muscular problems where there is significant pain or loss of movement. This style of massage is designed for the treatment of short and long term injuries. Deeply mobilizing, this form of massage uses firm pressure and stretching to loosen key areas of tightness, restoring flexibility and movement.

Massage techniques applied may include:

  • Traditional soft tissue massage
  • Deep tissue massage and release
  • Myofascial techniques
  • Trigger point release therapies
  • Lymphatic Drainage

Massage is ideal for:

  • Computer related neck and shoulder strain
  • Overuse and repetitive strain injuries
  • Lower back and sciatic pain
  • Headaches due to chronic neck tension
  • Muscular cramps causing restricted movement

Pregnancy Massage:

Our remedial massage therapists specialize in ante and post-natal massage treatments, and understand the changes and discomforts a woman undergoes during pregnancy. For your comfort and enjoyment, we use specially designed pregnancy support cushions, allowing you to lie face down during the massage and giving support to your whole body. Experience total relaxation as you feel the discomforts of pregnancy dissipate completely during the massage. This style of massage is effective and safe right up until term, bringing comfort and energy back to the mother-to-be while assisting with pregnancy health.

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