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Pilates Prep for Snow Sports

The cold blast this week has brought a good cover of snow to the mountains and it’s looking like we may have a good ski season! Are you ready to hit the slopes to ski or snowboard this winter? Snow sports demand strength and endurance in your leg and core muscles as well as a

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Marathon training ITB friction syndrome

Diana’s Marathon Preparations

With approximately 15 weeks until the 2024 Nike Melbourne Marathon Festival, there are a lot of runners pounding the pavement in preparation for the Festival’s various events, myself included. This year I will be running my first half marathon! I was largely inspired by my husband, who completed his fourth marathon at this event last

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Health Language

Health Language Matters! We can do better! As health professionals we have privilege and responsibility to educate people and influence the way they think about their bodies, pain and injuries. We can affect their hope, set their expectations and influence their motivation. People form beliefs based on the words that we use and the messages

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Invisible barrier to exercise

For many women there is an invisible barrier preventing them from exercising.  Pelvic floor symptoms can severely impact someone’s ability to participate in exercise. New research has come to light recognising this invisible barrier and the impact that pelvic floor symptoms have on exercise and sport participation. 50% of women experiencing pelvic floor symptoms stop

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Finding the right balance

Falls and loss of balance are often viewed as an inevitable part of the ageing process. Some of the main reasons for this include weakening muscles and stiffening joints, sensory and balance problems, vision difficulties and side effects of medication. One in four people aged over 60 have at least one fall per year, and

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Pain in the thumb

Do you experience pain in the base of your thumb? You may have what is called osteoarthritis (OA) of the carpometacarpal (CMC) joint of the thumb. This can be common, particularly as we move across the lifespan. If untreated, can be extremely debilitating, restricting ability to perform day to day activities. Symptoms Symptoms may include

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A week away at Netball Nationals

Last week I had the privilege to be one of the four physios to travel with the Victorian Men’s & Mixed Netball teams for their National Championships in Brisbane. There were 6 Victorian teams competing across multiple divisions. U17s, U20s, U23s, Men’s Reserve, Open Mixed and Open Mens. Traveling with a team is both a

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New concussion guidelines

From the Ground to Recovery: New Concussion Guidelines With community football commencing in the next couple of weeks you may or may not be aware of the new concussion guidelines. On the 1st of March, the AFL announced the new developments in relation to the return to play protocols in the concussion guidelines for all

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica: a patient’s perspective

I recently approached one of my longstanding patients for her perspective on Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR). This blog, as with all of our firsthand accounts, is designed to be informative and insightful. Please seek medical support if you think you may also be suffering from PMR. What are/were your PMR symptoms? The original symptoms began 12

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Ice baths vs. saunas

Ice baths vs saunas… what’s with the trending excitement? When it comes to post-exercise recovery, athletes and fitness enthusiasts often turn to ice baths and saunas as popular options. Both methods are believed to help reduce muscle soreness, promote relaxation, and aid in recovery. But is one more effective than the other? Let’s delve into the benefits

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