We are a state of the art Physiotherapy clinic and Clinical Exercise studio located in the beachside suburb of Port Melbourne.

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Bump & Beyond: Pregnancy and Post Natal Guide

This eBook has been created by PMPP’s highly experienced physiotherapists to help women throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journey. With guidelines for each trimester, information on specific conditions, preparing for labour and recovery advice, this extensive guide is with you every step of the way.

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Port Melbourne Physiotherapy & Pilates!

At PMPP we provide physiotherapy, clinical exercise classes, massage and dietitian services to the Port Melbourne community and the surrounding suburbs of South Melbourne, Middle Park, Albert Park and the Melbourne CBD. 

Our vision at PMPP is to help you recover and rehabilitate from injuries, and assist you to reach your lifestyle/sporting goals. Our aim is to help you maximise your health and well-being! Physiotherapy & Clinical Exercise can compliment treatments prescribed by your general practitioner or specialist, with no referral necessary. 

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The Knack – improving your pelvic floor!

What is The Knack? The Knack is a technique that I teach people to implement in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence. What is stress urinary incontinence? Stress urinary incontinence is quite common amomgst both men and women. This occurs when people leak urine while performing a particular activity. This could be sneezing, coughing, laughing or exercising.

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Mastitis & blocked milk ducts

What is a blocked duct? A blocked duct is an area or segment of the breast where milk flow is obstructed (milk stasis). This causes a reddened area or segment of the breast. The area can become tender, hard and painful. Sometimes it can be localised tenderness or pain without an obvious lump. It may occur with

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How to make good habits stick – 5 expert tips

Creating good habits for the year ahead: Research shows we’re not very good at keeping good habits. It is estimated that 81% of New Year’s resolutions fail. This means you are more likely to fall back into old habits than you are to stick with a new behaviour. As we celebrate the end of 2020 and welcome 2021,

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