Getting on top of your low back pain in 2018 – could Pilates be the answer?

There are many different causes of low back pain. 1 in 7 Australians are reported to experience symptoms associated with low back pain. Typically these people avoid moving and avoid doing exercise in the fear they will make it worse. Avoiding movement can quickly cause joint stiffness and muscular changes, such as strength loss and changes in neuromuscular activation. Inactivity can also result in a negative impact on ones health and well-being.

A common answer to having low back pain is to strengthen your core muscles. Clinical Pilates is a form of supervised exercises that incorporates stabilisation of the core muscles to increase flexibility, tone, muscle strength and endurance.

How can Pilates help?
Clinical Pilates is a unique approach to training mind-body awareness, control of movement and postural asymmetries (all causing your low back pain). General conditioning to help strengthen and build endurance in spinal muscles has been researched and shown to reduce pain intensity and disability caused from low back pain. The equipment used in Clinical Pilates provides an opportunity to train a variety of movement patterns and postures., some of which you may not otherwise be able to do with your normal gym equipment.

Over time our bodies can adapt to certain postures and compensate in different ways, eventually causing pain. Pilates can help to activate specific muscles that help to change postures and stabilise the lower back. Improving posture, controlling movement and building stability in spinal segments helps to reduce the re-occurrence and severity of your low back pain. Being able to move easily means people can undertake in more activity, maintain and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Could Pilates be the answer?
Not all Pilates exercises are appropriate for patients with low back pain. However, in Clinical Pilates exercises can be tailored to each patients needs. A physiotherapist will work with the patient to ensure the correct level of any given exercise, which can be made harder or easier as the body responds. Pilates helps to strengthen core muscles in a safe and controlled way through progressive exercise.

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