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Spring into Summer

Summer is just around the corner! At this time of year people start feeling the pressure to get into shape after a long winter. The warmer weather is a great motivation to get ourselves back out, about and moving and for this reason, injuries are also common at this time of year.

Whether you’re ramping up your training, getting back into exercise after a break, or just starting out, it’s key to not jump back in and go too hard too fast. The number one cause of injury is doing too much too soon. Even if you work out regularly or you have in the past you should still ease into new exercise routines.


Focus on building your strength up gradually.

Getting into a regular routine is great on so many levels, but over training can lead to over use. Putting too much stress and strain on muscles, ligaments and joints can potentially led to injury.

Change up your training by doing something completely different once a week and use a different muscle group. Ensure you have rest and low impact days or try something simple like going for a long walk.

Beginners: Whatever you are getting in to running, cycling, gym, boxing, pilates or yoga etc. It is all about technique. Learning correct technique will give you the best chance to achieve the best results and stay injury free. Find yourself a mentor or trainer. Build your strength slowly and don’t push yourself beyond your limits.

Regular trainers: If your trying something new or getting back in, take it easy. You may be strong in some muscle groups but that doesn’t mean you can push other muscle groups just as hard. Even if you are getting back into a regular routine or something you have practiced before, give your body the chance to get going again.


Give your body the chance to recover.

Good nutrition and hydration are essential for muscle recovery. We are what we eat so it’s important that you are giving your body the right fuel, and depending on the results you want to achieve (Triathlon or marathon training, weight loss or weight gain or just general nutritional advice about your diet intake) our dietitian Bella will be able to assist you.

Self care

Giving back to our bodies is important. Get yourself in the routine of stretching after training or exercising to help reduce muscle soreness and tightness in days to follow. Use your roller at home to roll out your fascia over the larger muscle groups.

Remedial Massage is the ultimate way to give back to your muscles. Massage assists with injury recovery, muscle soreness, stiffness, relaxation, increased range of motion, lymphatic drainage, improve circulation, Diaphragmatic breathing.. just to name a few!

Book in a massage with Sarah or Cassie any time Monday to Saturday!


And at last….Rest and repair.

Sleep is essential for us to function.

Fatigue affects us in many ways but if were not getting a good nights sleep were not giving our bodies the recovery time it needs to rest and repair. I don’t think anyone needs encouragement to get more sleep but quality sleep is what counts!

So remember, be kind to your body and give back what you put out!


~Sarah Trew

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