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Sarah recently sat down for a chat with Stu Campbell from Tailor beds. Here is all the information you have been asking about his custom made mattress service…


Stu, how did you get into this business and what is your background?

Well, my background’s Product Development and I started making mattresses because there was this big problem: People had to buy a mattress without being sure it suited them. And if it didn’t suit them, there was no way to return it. So there was this very real risk that they’d be stuck with the wrong mattress. That seemed a bit crazy.

My solution was to simply do everything possible to fit people correctly.

It may seem like a small change, but it’s had a huge impact on the process and the way things are done.

Each mattress is fitted according to a health care professional’s assessment (instead of a sales person). Each mattress is custom made, and I don’t need a showroom so I can custom design for the same price as you’d get a mattress from a showroom during a sale.


Who does the mattress fitting and what does it involve?

It’s basically a more thorough approach to testing mattresses.

So, instead of testing in a showroom while getting help from a sales assistant, you lie down and test mattresses in clinic, with a trained, practicing physio.

Throughout the fitting I’m there to adjust and adapt mattress design in response to your feedback on comfort and your physio’s assessment of alignment. We keep refining design until we’ve created something everyone’s happy with.

By taking this thorough approach I’m then able to offer a money back guarantee on that design.

The whole process takes 45mins and costs $100, which pays for your health professionals time. This fee is taken off the price of your mattress if you choose to buy one.


How often should someone replace their mattress and what are the signs that you might need a new mattress?

It depends on mattress type and construction, but approximately 6-10 years . 20 years for an all latex design, but I don’t recommend these due to poor breathability and heat generated.


What is the structure of the mattresses?

I create hybrid designs as they are truly the best of both worlds. This is a combination of pocket springs in the lower section of the mattress (the core) and comfort materials above this core.

Pocket springs are well known for excellent comfort, durability and zoning. I select and recommend a range of 7 zone, 5 zone, 3 zone and single zone pocket springs according to each individual’s unique requirements.

For the comfort layering a range of different materials are available including memory foam, latex, HD Foam, wool, gel-memory foam and gel infused latex.


How do you customise the mattress and how do you customise the mattress for two very different people?

Each small change to any one of the components I’ve just mentioned can have a big affect on the comfort and support of the overall design. So it’s a real balancing act. Throughout a fitting session, I adapt design by swapping support and comfort layer combinations until a winning design has been created.

For couples with very different requirements I’m able to create side by side designs.. However, there can be draw backs to this approach. So, while it can be the best method of design in some instances, I’ll always try to achieve comfort for each sleeper with a single design approach before moving on to a side by side design.


What happens if the mattress is not right once you get it even though it felt great during the assessment?

This is something I pride myself on. If there’s an issue I’ll fix it. And the reason I can offer this so confidently is that after taking such a thorough approach to fitting people it really is rare for there to be an issue.

I offer a 60 day money back guarantee and free same day alterations. So if it doesn’t feel right I can come around and adjust the design to optimise comfort further so you’re not stuck without a mattress.


What are the costs and how do you keep these costs so low?

I don’t hold stock other than materials to custom design with and I don’t need a big showroom. So a lot of the traditional costs of operating simply aren’t there for me. That means I can custom design mattresses with physio assessment at a very competitive price.

To give you an example a queen size mattress will usually cost between $1,950.00 to $2,499.

But if anyone wants a more accurate quote they can just give me a call. After learning more about their requirements I’m able to be quite accurate on quoting before coming in with a design to test out.


Do you do other products?

Yes! I have bed bases both with and without storage. There’s also the Dovetail Pillow which you have in clinic. I’ve created this design with clinics. It’s designed to adapt to you. So you simply remove layers to improve fit including height and cervical support adjustment.


Tailor Beds at PMPP

Stu’s waiving the $100 fitting fee for the month of July.
If you’d like to test mattresses in clinic with a physio please contact reception to set up a fitting time: PH: 9681 7255 or Email: info@portmelbournephysio.com.au.

Or if you just want to see what Stu does without making an appointment, he’ll be in the PMPP Pilates Studio on 18th July between 10am-3pm. Pop by if you’d like to have a look without booking a physio testing session.

Please note: Physiotherapists do not receive commission for bed purchases.

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