An Inclusive Practice

Being in a clinical environment we tend to attract a lot of athletic and highly active people. Weekend warriors, beach road runners and triathletes all cross through our doors for remedial massage treatments. We also of course see many office workers with sore necks and backs.

However, I just wanted to highlight a topic I am personally passionate about, which is working with people of all ages, genders and abilities.

Massage is available for Every Body!

In the past before I studied remedial massage therapy I worked as a personal carer for elderly and differently abled people.

For me this was a wonderful experience where I got to meet and bond with people from our community who I hadn’t previously had much interaction with.

I still really enjoy working with people of all ages and abilities, including children.

I encourage Every Body to come and try massage.

For people who are living with limited physicality’s, muscle spasticity, rigidity, anxiety, or disease, remedial massage is available to you.

When you think of massage, you tend to think of muscles….but massage is so much more. Massage is a wonderful tool which can help aid and assist with all sorts of physical ailments, whilst bringing a sense of wellbeing through the sense of touch.

The sensation of touch is so important and yet so overlooked! Touch has a positive effect on a person’s wellbeing. The sensation of touch can help ease mood, anxiety and discomfort, while promoting the production of feel good hormones.

Massage has an effect on our whole body and nervous system, not only our muscles.

If you would like to discuss your massage options further, please feel free to contact me through PMPP, or email me directly sarahjtrew@gmail.com.au



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