Benefits of Walking

For many people, running isn’t an option, due to injury, pregnancy or for medical reasons. Walking is a wonderful, easy and free activity that has many health benefits, both physically and mentally.


Benefits of Walking

  • Boosts bone density, which is so important in the prevention of osteoporosis
  • Decreases risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke
  • Improves your mood, decreases feelings of depression
  • Helps you lose and maintain your weight in conjunction with a healthy diet
  • Can be social- grab a friend!
  • Great way to ease back into running, if that is a goal
  • Helps to maintain strength in your muscles, joints and tendons


If you have suffered a musculo-skeletal injury, are pregnant or have a medical condition, your exercise choices may be limited. Coming in daily for Clinical Exercise classes run by your physiotherapist is not achievable for most! Walking is a great way to exercise and something that can be done easily everyday.


Important things to remember!

  1. Make sure you have great shoes – walking in thongs or flimsy sandals can actually do more harm than good!
  2. Try and get your heart rate up that way you will get the cardiovascular benefits
  3. Build up your tolerance slowly
  4. COOL DOWN after- have a stretch for a good 10 mins


Try going for a walk today= even if it’s to the shops, or park your car a little further away from your destination e.g PMPP 🙂 and walk to your next class!

If you have any questions please free to have a chat or book an appointment with one of our friendly physios.  BOOK ONLINE




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