Can you make some eco-friendly changes in 2020?

In the wake of the Australian Bushfire Crisis this summer, there is no denying climate change is very real and it’s impact devastating. So how can we play our part in helping to offset climate change and reduce our production of waste? Read on for some easy eco-friendly changes you can make in 2020.


Every little bit helps

Just by making some small changes to our lifestyle to reduce consumption of single use packaging and products, we can reduce our landfill contribution. Using organic, vegan products, or cruelty free options, also reduces your impact on the Earth.

It’s fantastic to see so many companies, both new and old, getting on board to enable us to reduce our environmental footprint. There are many innovative new products that I hadn’t even thought of or considered when thinking about my plastic consumption. Once I started delving into it further I found so many ways to make some eco-friendly changes and reduce my waste.


Changes I have made so far 

We can’t do everything at once, but little steps and changes all add up. Once I run out of a product and need to purchase another, this is when I look to see what other more environmentally friendly options are available.

For example, some swaps I have made so far:


Big Little Brush bamboo toothbrush instead of plastic

Grant’s cruelty free and all natural toothpaste

Inika organic makeup

Solibar shampoo and conditioner bars instead of plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner

Last swab reusable ear buds 

Flora and Fauna soap bar and bag instead of a bottle of body wash in the shower


Little Bumble beeswax wraps and reusable silicone toppers instead of glad wrap 

Seed and Sprout reusable silicone pouches instead of ziploc bags

In Her Element cotton shopping tote instead of plastic bags


Frank Green reusable coffee cups instead of take away cups (or just choose to have your coffee in) 

Better Packaging Co compostable parcel packs to send parcels


My planned changes for 2020

Ecoriginal nappies instead of Huggies – I’m aware I could use cloth nappies, but I am not a superhero and by changing to nappies that only take 6 months to biodegrade, rather than 500 years, I am ok with that.

Seed and Sprout silicone baking mats instead of baking paper – super keen to try this once I run out of baking paper

Who gives a crap toilet paper recycled toilet paper – I have just ordered my first delivery. Not only does it seem much easier having bulky toilet paper delivered rather than lugging it home from the shops, there is the added bonus of no plastic packaging and their use of recycled paper.

What can you commit to changing in 2020 to reduce your single use plastic consumption? Have you got any other ideas you can share? Let us know via our facebook or instagram!


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