Hand exercises for Myositis

May is Myositis awareness month!

Hand exercises are an important part of a strength program for Myositis. Myositis is a rare autoimmune condition that has a variety of forms. It is generally characterised by weakness and fatigue of the muscles.

Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM) is a type of Myositis that affects the muscles of the hands, forearms, thighs and lower legs.

The muscle wasting of the hands in IBM can be particularly debilitating. This affects a person’s ability to care for oneself and complete activities of daily living. Hand weakness may make it difficult to prepare food, use utensils, dress and undress, use a phone, type or grasp a walking aid.

There is currently no cure for Myositis. This is why it is especially important to maintain muscle strength and prevent atrophy (muscle wastage) through exercise. Exercise putty is an excellent (and fun!) way to work the muscles of the hand.

Putty comes in a range of resistance to choose from, depending on your hand strength and function. Your Physiotherapist can help you choose the resistance that is right for you to complete your hand exercises.

Hand Exercises

Here we will show you some exercises our Physiotherapists love to prescribe to get your hands moving!

Squeeze to make a ball

Pinch to make a pizza

Roll and stretch to make a donut 

Roll to make a sausage

Make a cinnamon scroll

Have you noticed a theme? Physiotherapists are always thinking about food!

Your Physiotherapist can tailor a hand exercise strengthening program specific to your needs and ability.

You can learn more about Myositis  here or The Myositis Association is an excellent source of information and support: https://myositis.org.au/

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