Keep Running: 3 in 30 minutes

Stuck at home during Covid-19 and unsure how to continue with your running? Thanks to Chris from GoRun Australia for the following suggested running sessions. Here’s what Chris has to say:

Ok, so run groups and events are cancelled, but that doesn’t mean sitting on our arses and losing all the hard fought for fitness that we have gained over the months and years of training.  It is time to find new ideas and answers, rather than questions and excuses.

When it comes to running, remember that:

  1. Events will come back.

  2. It is HARD to get back into running.

  3. The majority of people will take the easy option and give up.  Don’t be that person.

  4. Exercise is like compound interest.  A little bit, regularly makes a huge difference. Keep building and keep consistent.

So, in the name of helping people to keep running, here are 3 of my favourite 30 minute run sessions. The Mini Mona, the Build in 5’s and the Dirty30!

Give them a go either on the treadmill, around the park or wherever we are allowed to run in isolation! While we can let’s keep running!

The ‘Mini Mona’ Running Session

This is a session that has its origins with the great Australian distance runner, Steve Moneghetti. It is a speedy little session that is guaranteed to get your heart rate up and focusing on developing speed in your run.

On the warm up, recovery sections and cool down sections aim to keep your breathing and heart rate under control. Push the pace on the ‘fast sections!’ Here we go:

  • 5 mins easy warm up jog
  • 2 x 90 sec fast with 90 sec rest after each
  • 4 x 60 sec fast with 60 sec rest after each
  • Down to 4 x 30 sec fast with 30 sec rest after each
  • 4 x 15 sec fast with 15 sec rest after each
  • 5 mins easy cool down jog

The ‘Build in 5’s’ Run

This is a ‘build run’ which means that the longer the run goes on, the harder and faster you push. This session can be adapted to go longer and has the bonus benefit of helping you to learn to feel your pacing in action. The sessions also emphasizes the importance of starting conservative and finishing strong by not fading at the end of your runs. As a coach, I often use this type of sessions at park runs on a Saturday morning. 

  • Easy 5 mins walk
  • 5 mins easy jog
  • Build to 5 mins moderate
  • Increase slightly to 5 mins medium
  • 5 mins at your best effort
  • Recover with 5 mins shuffle

The ‘Dirty30’ Run

This run is a hilly one! You are looking to build strength in our legs and your minds. For this session you will need a hill of at least 300m long or you can use a treadmill. You should aim for a 1 minute effort up the hill, not pushing too hard on the effort but not just cruising up there either. Let the hill do some of the work. 

  • 5 mins warm up
  • 10 x 1 min up @ approx. 7% incline. Approx. 1 min jog back down.
  • 5 mins easy cool down
  • Roughly 30 mins total

Enjoy these suggested sessions and let us know how you go if you use them!


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