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Mother’s Group Collaboration

The team at PMPP is excited to be collaborating with Port Melbourne’s Womindjeka Family and Children’s Centre to give post-natal physiotherapy advice to new mums. We will be attending the centre every 6 weeks to provide an information session to new mums as part of their mother’s group program.

As a new mum myself, I found great benefit in joining a local mother’s group. For 6 weeks we met regularly and received advice from different groups or support services. I met such a lovely group of ladies who were all going through a similar journey. Being a new mum is a pretty daunting experience – it was the first time in my life I felt totally unprepared for the job.  There’s no amount of pre-reading you can do or manuals on how to look after your baby that can prepare you for the task ahead. And don’t forget it’s equally important to look after yourself too!

I’m so excited to be able to give new mums advice on injury management and appropriate exercises. From a physio perspective, we often get women presenting to our clinic post-natal with musculoskeletal injuries following labour or from repetitive lifting, carrying, feeding postures etc.. Strengthening up the appropriate support muscles and stretches for tight overworked muscles is key to preventing ongoing pain and injuries. In addition pelvic floor strengthening and core control will help prevent back and pelvic pain and continence issues down the track.

You may have your own network of friends with kids who you can share your thoughts or ask advice from, but mother’s groups are another great resource to tap into on your post-natal journey. Even if mother’s groups aren’t for you, the maternal child health centres are a great resource with links to many services available to new mums. These include but are not limited to: The Australian breastfeeding association, local lactation consultants, local playgroups, toy libraries, PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety And Depression Australia), maternal & child health line etc.

For more information about Womindjeka Family and Children’s centre visit

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