Pregnancy Massage

Every woman will experience pregnancy differently, from how you carry your baby (or babies), to the pain or sickness you can  feel. Your body goes through many growing pains and changes during this time.  Unfortunately the reality is that it’s not all “peaches and cream”……but that is where pregnancy massage can help.



One of the immediate benefits of massage is a feeling of deep relaxation and calm. Pregnancy can be stressful for a lot of women due to the unknown and changes in the body, but massage treatments increases blood flow to areas of the brain associated with mood and reduces the stress hormone cortisol.



Massage relieves everyday discomfort such as a sore back and neck, leg cramps and headaches. Remedial techniques soothe muscle aches and relax spots that have tightened up from the changes the body goes through during pregnancy. Massage can also assist with improving sleep, as the mind is calmer and muscle aches and pains are reduced.



Massage improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Increased circulation helps to transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells and reduces oedema or swelling. It is very common during pregnancy to develop swelling in the ankles and feet, and remedial massage is a great way to relieve this.


Pregnancy Massage can also help assist with:

    • Cramping
    • Fatigue
    • Constipation
    • Insomnia
    • Headaches/migraines
    • Nerve pain


Post-Natal Massage

Once you have met your little one try to make time to look after yourself as well as your new bub. Breastfeeding, lack of sleep and even more hormonal changes can cause tension, particularly in the upper back, neck and shoulders. At PMPP we love babies, so you are always welcome to bring your bub in with you while having a treatment.


Before having a remedial massage it is always recommended to check with your doctor, particularly if you have any other medical conditions.  For more information refer to our remedial massage page or book an appointment online here




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