Working from home during Covid-19

With the Covid-19 restrictions, many of you may be working from home. During this time you may find you have a less than ideal desk set up. Now is an important time to make sure that your office set up is as ergonomically perfect as it can be and that you are taking regular stretching and exercise breaks.

 Here are some basic “work from home” hacks, provided by our friends at in-house OT:

It is important to keep alternating between sitting and standing positions for work so here are some great slides to show you how to set this up at home. If you need any help with this, please call us for a telehealth appointment and we will be able to guide you. Making these changes will help during the Covid-19 restrictions and beyond.

Another important element is to EXERCISE regularly. Whether it be our Zoom Clinical exercise classes, our 1:1 face to face sessions or simply a regular home stretch and strengthen routine.

Remember to:

  • Use your spikey ball wherever you are feeling tight
  • If you have been sitting for a while, stand up and move around
  • Try and get outside if you can for a walk and some fresh air for at least 30 mins/day
  • Stay hydrated

Some stretches to try at home:

Gentle Neck stretches:

Forearm/ wrist stretches:

Back and shoulder stretches:


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Please call us on 96817255 if you have questions, concerns or would like to discuss this further!


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