Does telehealth physiotherapy work?

COVID19 has created a devastating challenge for Physiotherapy. With stage 4 restrictions in place, we need to ensure clients receive the treatment they require. We aim to support our clients by offering online Telehealth services.  These consultations are ideal if you are unable to attend the clinic in person. We are able provide assessment, treatment and advice in this way.

What you need to know about online consultations:

  • Your Physiotherapist will ask specific questions pertaining to your condition. This may involve completing an online form prior to your consultation.
  • We may require photos of the painful area. You may be requested to provide videos of your movements. This will help your Physiotherapist obtain a clinical picture. 
  • You will need to wear attire that allows the affected area to be seen.
  • You may require access to your video conference via your phone. This allows the Physiotherapist to view body parts/movements that may be hindered by a computer screen.
  • You will need adequate video, audio and internet set up. This will enable clear communication between you and the Physiotherapist. A family member may provide technical support, should you require it.
  • A quiet room, free of distraction, allows for an effective consultation.

Online services we are currently offering:

What you will be provided with:

The Physiotherapist will undertake a detailed visual and verbal assessment. This may include:

  • Detailed subjective and objective assessment
  • Advice and education
  • Hypothesised diagnosis
  • Treatment plan
  • Referral onto other specialists (if recommended)
  • Referral onto face to face treatment (if recommended)
  • Exercise prescription
  • Online exercise programs
  • Follow up treatment and plan to ensure you’re on the right track
  • Time to ask any questions you may have

For many musculoskeletal conditions, Telehealth consultations are as effective as face to face care. There is also great evidence to support Telehealth for various chronic health conditions. Evidence demonstrates Telehealth to be effective in treating stress urinary incontinence.

Benefits of online Physiotherapy:

  • Telehealth improves access to healthcare. This is especially important for those in remote areas.
  • Saves travel time for time-poor individuals.
  • Empowers clients to monitor their condition and progress independently.

If you have any questions relating to any of our online services, please contact our reception team.

Stay safe and keep active.

~ Chee Yan Ting

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