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Bump & Beyond: Pregnancy and Post Natal Guide

This eBook has been created by PMPP’s highly experienced physiotherapists to help women throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journey. With guidelines for each trimester, information on specific conditions, preparing for labour and recovery advice, this extensive guide is with you every step of the way.


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We are a state of the art Physiotherapy clinic and Clinical Exercise studio located in the beachside suburb of Port Melbourne.

We provide physiotherapy, massage and dietitian services to the Port Melbourne community and the surrounding suburbs of South Melbourne, Middle Park, Albert Park and the Melbourne CBD. Pilates

Our vision at PMPP is to help you recover and rehabilitate from injuries, and assist you to reach your lifestyle/sporting goals. Our aim is to help you maximise your health and well-being! Physiotherapy & Clinical Exercise can compliment treatments prescribed by your general practitioner or specialist, with no referral necessary. Pilates

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Wry neck

What is a wry neck? An acute wry neck is the sudden onset of neck pain and stiffness, often associated with muscular spasm. It is often quite alarming to patients, who often describe waking with symptoms with no clear warning. Patients with an acute wry neck typically experience severe one-sided neck pain, and movement to

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Scapula Winging

The term ‘winging scapula’ is used when the muscles of the scapula (shoulder blade) are weak, resulting in decreased stability or an inability to keep the borders of the scapula down against the ribcage. As a result, the inner or outer borders of the shoulder blade protrudes from the back, like wings. The muscles that

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Mental health and pelvic floor dysfunction

Perinatal Mental Health Week – a week close to my heart: 12-18th November 2023 marks Perinatal Mental Health Week in Australia, a week that holds huge personal significance for me. PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia) founded this week in 2005. This was a way to help both health professionals and the general community better understand

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