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Lockdown hobbies

Keeping occupied during these strange times:

Up until stage 4, I was fortunate to have a multitude of tasks to keep myself busy. With the new restrictions in place, things started to look a bit different. I found myself looking for things to occupy my (literal) idle hands. Always the optimist, I was determined to find the positive in these challenging times. Pondering lockdown hobbies kept me entertained and productive.

Let the creativity flow:

Olivia, who works on PMPP reception, had recently started a side-business selling jewellery. Here is the link to her website: Olivia’s creativity inspired me to consider my options. As a keen knitter, I tend to  enjoy a good yarn (pun intended!) Could one of my lockdown hobbies be making beanies? ‘Cassandra’s Cool Caps’ or ‘Haslam’s Hot Hats’?  This was going to be big! When I applied my usual hourly rate to knitting, I soon realised this was a futile endeavour. Back to the drawing board for me.

Lockdown hobbies in our own backyard:

I meditated on it, thanks to my meditation mentors (Steph of and Donna Lobartolo-Shiel of much deliberation, I decided to focus on travel. Like many, our 2020 international trips had been cancelled. Closer to home, Charlie and I loved hiking in regional Victoria.  This got me reminiscing about childhood road trips exploring our wonderful country. I stumbled into #vanlife on Instagram and YouTube. To my delight, so many people had converted vans into amazing campers and homes. I loved the idea of having a ‘home on wheels’.  Convert a van, live in it, and travel around Australia in 2021.  Most people thought it was unrealistic to downsize to this extent. I begged to differ. Charlie and I had travelled the world with a snowboard bag and a small backpack in 2018.

Getting the ball rolling:

The first part of any good #vanlife is finding a van.  This, in some ways, can be likened to dating. It is imperative to kiss a few frogs before you find your Prince Charming.  After a few false starts, we found Benny and his perfect van.  Low mileage, in great condition and ready to turn into a home on wheels.  Following a Covid-challenged transaction, we had our new project!

 Learning the #vanlife ropes:

So here I am in Lockdown 2.0, designing and building a camper. My days are spent researching insulation, subfloors (yes, they are a thing) and composting toilets. You probably guessed it, no pooping in the van! Lockdown hobbies can take on many forms and ours is equally challenging and rewarding. Progress is slow and steady but our hard work is turning into something tangible. We are planning on wrapping the exterior in orange vinyl! This leads to our next challenge – naming the van! Vanta Pants?  Vangerine Dream?  I am open to suggestions.

Into the great wide open:

We’re planning on hitting the road in January. If interstate travel is not permitted, you will see us camping in front of PMPP.  I’ll be the one coming in to use the facilities!

Stay safe and see all of you soon.

For when remedial massage is allowed again, check out this blog to learn more about how I can help you . .

~ Cassie 

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