Travelling with back pain

Generally with a trip abroad comes a long plane flight! The thought of this can make some people not want to book a holiday at all! But never fear, here are a few tips to help you manage your low back pain so that you can go on long awaited holiday!

1) Treatment:

Pop in and see us before you go! A couple of sessions on your back may really iron out any niggles and get your pain under control prior to that long flight. We are also able to give you some specific exercises
to do whilst away, whether it be strengthening or stretching, to keep your pain at bay!

2) Keep warm:

Planes can be really cold, causing the back and surrounding muscles to seize and stiffen up. Heat patches, a small tube of fisiocrem/deep heat will help keep those joints warm!

3) Get moving:

We all love to movie binge on a long flight, but sitting in the same position for extended periods of time is not wise! It’s important to remember to get up and move about to help get the blood flowing and joints mobile. One of the most effective exercises is to stand and walk around for 1-2
minutes – your back will love you for it. Your physio will also be able to give you some exercises to do while you’re stuck in the air.

4) Take some equipment with you:

Even a spikey ball in your hand luggage is such a useful thing to have to provide relief when you’re in pain. Other ideas of things to take with you are: theraband, a collapsible foam roller (they exist!!) and most importantly, a GREAT pair of walking shoes!

5) Drink plenty of water:

Avoid alcohol during the flight, as it is dehydrating, but drink plenty of water and unsweetened, non-alcoholic beverages. It is a good idea to drink more water than usual several days prior to the trip.

Hydration is critical for joint comfort, as well as keeping discs in optimal shape, and the interior of the cabin is dry. Consuming a great deal of water does mean an increase in trips to the restroom, but that also means additional moving around, which is helpful in preventing pain.

Reach out to your physio before you fly for any advice you may need and for some exercises! Enjoy and have the best holiday!!

Tanya Hofman

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