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Lockdown hobbies

Keeping occupied during these strange times: Up until stage 4, I was fortunate to have a multitude of tasks to keep myself busy. With the new restrictions in place, things started to look a bit different. I found myself looking for things to occupy my (literal) idle hands. Always the optimist, I was determined to

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Surviving lockdown – healthy eating habits & a positive mindset

Healthy eating has been sporadic for many: When the new restrictions were announced, I temporarily put healthy eating on the back burner and instead bought chocolate. Soul-comforting, dopamine-releasing chocolate. I was armed with hand sanitiser, face masks and a desire to find some joy in this strange time. Food is more than its nutritional value: A lot

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exercise at home

Lockdown exercise ideas

Things are looking a little different this year: How are you going with your lockdown exercise? Gyms are shut, team sports are on hold and exercises classes have been cancelled. It comes as no surprise that many of you are missing your exercise regime! Lockdown exercise is not what we are used to but we

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Does telehealth physiotherapy work?

COVID19 has created a devastating challenge for Physiotherapy. With stage 4 restrictions in place, we need to ensure clients receive the treatment they require. We aim to support our clients by offering online Telehealth services.  These consultations are ideal if you are unable to attend the clinic in person. We are able provide assessment, treatment

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Clicky Knees

Over time or after an injury you may notice that your knee begins to click when you move. Sometimes this condition is accompanied by pain. More often than not there are no other symptoms besides the noise. Clicky knees is usually caused by some portion of the knee not sitting in the proper position. Different

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Ski Boot Fitting

Why do my feet hurt so much skiing? Have you considered a proper ski boot fitting? I was lucky enough to spend last winter living in the powder capital of the world- Niseko, Japan! There I learned the science and art of custom ski boot fitting. Thanks to Boot Solutions, under the guidance of podiatrist

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Strengthening exercises for neck pain

Are you getting a sore neck from poor posture? Pain in the neck could develop from a number of reasons, including strenuous activity and increased stress levels. Neck pain is most common in people who work desk jobs however, the good news is, there is a lot you can do to improve your neck and

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Why a post natal physio check-up is essential

Is it important to have a post natal physio follow-up? After having a baby it is routine (and expected) to see your obstetrician, midwife or GP for a 6 week post natal check-up. This is completely different from a post natal physio check, which in many parts of Europe is deemed ESSENTIAL and paid for

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COVID-19: Strategies to manage working from home

Well we’ve certainly found ourselves in an intense, strange and constantly changing time with the coronavirus pandemic and resulting restrictions! This has affected people financially, socially, and personally so understandably many people are feeling stressed, upset, isolated and overwhelmed. Given many people are working from home, here are some strategies to help manage this: Set

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Top strengthening exercises for runners

Strengthening exercises separate to running are important to keep you in the running game for longer, make you faster and prevent those injuries! Aim twice a week. General overall progressions of strengthening exercises (some areas of your body may vary in stages):  Step 1: neuromuscular/endurance “where does it feel… / holds or high reps”  Step

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