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foot physio

Plantar Fasciitis

What is plantar fascia? Plantar fascia is a band of collagenous connective tissue found in the foot. It is attached to the bone located at the heel of the foot (the calcaneous) and inserts into the base of the big toe (the first metatarsal). The plantar fascia forms the medial longitudinal arch of the foot.

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swim physio

Freestyle training tips for beginners

David Rifkin is a qualified swim coach who has also competed at international level. He has kindly provided some training tips in freestyle technique for beginners. With only a few months away until summer, now is the perfect time to start training. There are a myriad of triathlons and ocean swims to participate in over

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port melbourne physio and pilates

Women’s and Men’s Health

Many women come see a physio due to issues with urgency, frequency or incontinence, often embarrassed about issues ‘downstairs’. What many women don’t realise though, is how common these issues are, but also that they are often easily treatable. The most common cause of pelvic problems is pregnancy and childbirth, however incontinence can affect women

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achilles physio

Achilles Tendinopathy

The Achilles tendon is the longest and strongest tendon in the human body. Its function is to transmit the force created by muscle to the bone, to make joint movement possible. Tendinopathy is a broad clinical term used to describe painful conditions in and around tendons in response to overuse. Achilles tendinopathy is a major

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physio foot injury

Stress Fractures

With the running season in full swing and events such as Run Melbourne and the Melbourne Marathon coming up, stress fractures are an injury that we start to see a little too often. What is a stress fracture? A stress fracture is an overuse injury that occurs either in healthy bone that is overloaded without

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Immune Strength over Winter

Combine cold, wet, blustery weather along with work stress, exercise and training, and social commitments and you have the perfect environment for a weakened immune system – colds, flus and viruses to boot! It’s no wonder that during winter, just about every second person you see is sniffling, coughing, spluttering, a viral incubus or “just

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altitude training physio

Altitude Training

After recently traveling to Peru and experiencing the effects of being at high altitude (the highest point we reached was 4335m), it got me thinking about altitude training for athletes and the benefits behind it. Our experience On our first day in Cusco, Peru, at altitude of 3400m, we felt breathless just walking up a

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postnatal recovery shorts

SRC Recovery Shorts

One garment worth investing in for after your baby is born is the SRC recovery shorts. Pregnancy, labour and ultimately delivery of your new born put a lot of stress on your muscles, joints and ligaments around your abdomen, back and pelvis. The common complications we see as physiotherapists in women post-partum include: DRAM- A

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Clinical Pilates

Pilates or Yoga? What’s best for me?

As physios we often get asked what the difference is between Pilates and Yoga and if either would be of benefit to their injury/condition. It’s also surprising how often clients believe that yoga and pilates are very similar. I often here”Aren’t they the same thing?” And “they’re both pretty easy right?” or “It’s mostly just

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