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Your Travel Workout Guide

Travelling for work and holidaying overseas can get in the way of a regular gym or exercise routine. Not all hotels have gyms, and late arrival times and early departures mean it’s not always conducive to going out for a walk or jog. So before you know it you’re feeling tired, sluggish and back to

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Ergonomics of your Work Station

One of the most common injuries that presents to physiotherapists is back and neck pain resulting from sitting at a computer or desk for long hours. A number of factors can contribute to the onset of spinal pain, however sedentary jobs including prolonged periods of sitting in poor postures are definitely major triggers. Other common

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Heat Vs Cold Therapy

Different injuries and stages of an injury respond differently to ice and heat therapy. As physios we are often asked by our patients whether to use ice or heat for a particular injury. The following will help guide you to which is more appropriate at your stage of injury. Cold Therapy Ice is the best

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The Foam Roller

The Foam Roller……why it is your best workout companion So I can guess what you’re thinking…. “How can a piece of foam help me with my workout?” By improving your flexibility and reducing trigger points in your muscles, that’s how! Foam rolling your muscles is a form of self massage or myofascial release, to help

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Clinical Pilates Vs Other Pilates Methods

We often get asked what the difference is between our Clinical Pilates reformer classes and those at a gym or pilates studio. Although the machines may look pretty much the same, that’s where the similarities end! The first major difference is that all PMPP Clinical Reformer classes are run by fully qualified physiotherapists, not Pilates

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Weight Training

Is resistance/weight training for me?  A common concern among people considering weight training for the first time, particularly females, is fear of becoming too big and bulky. This is a common misconception and it is in fact very unlikely, unless seriously heavy weights are being lifted 4-5 times a week.  Even if this was the

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Beach Recovery

Beach Recovery in winter…..are you serious?! Every Sunday morning in the middle of winter, groups of AFL, soccer and rugby players can be seen huddling together in their hoodies, waist deep in the freezing, icy water that is Port Phillip Bay. From the beaches of Brighton to Port Melbourne they gather, spending 30 minutes or

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Welcome to PMPP!

Port Melbourne Physiotherapy and Pilates first opened its doors in August 2010, with our vision to provide high quality Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates services to clients in the Bayside area, as we felt services in this area, particularly Port Melbourne, were lacking. We had both worked in private physiotherapy and Pilates clinics around Melbourne for

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