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Physiotherapy Management for Cervicogenic Headaches

Recent studies have shown that of the patients presenting to Physiotherapy private practices with headache, approximately one third are neck related ‘cervicogenic’ headaches, one third are muscular tension type headaches and another third are migrainous headaches. Cervicogenic headache Cervicogenic headache is classified as a form of headache originating from the cervical spine (neck), that can be

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A deeper look into Real-time Ultrasound

If you have attended PMPP for an initial Pilates assessment, you have probably seen the effects of your pelvic floor muscles (PFM) and transversus abdominus (TA) in action! Here at PMPP we use Real Time Ultrasound (RTU) as a tool for biofeedback and muscle training. What does that mean? It means that we use a machine

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Knee Injury Physiotherapy

Achy knees- What could it be?

Patellofemoral pain syndrome   Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is a likely cause for pain experienced at the front of the knee. It is commonly seen in the general population, particularly affecting young active adults and runners. Women are more likely to develop the condition due to differences in bone structure and muscular strength.   What

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It really does take a village…

You often hear athletes in seemingly individual sports like tennis, triathlon, running or golf, talk about “their team.”  Some of these teams can be enormous, with physiotherapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, coaches, dietitians and psychologists just to name a few.  Whilst it might seem like overkill to have all these people involved, the athletes at

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a type of Chronic Pain. The pain experienced after a trauma, injury or surgery is disproportionate to the injury that has occurred. Pain experienced may not correspond with the severity of the injury and there is an absence of an alternative diagnosis which may explain your pain levels. CRPS

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prenatal pilates

Pelvic floor muscles….what are they?

What is my pelvic floor? The pelvic floor (PF) is a group of muscles and ligaments within the pelvis, which run from your pubic bone at the front to your coccyx (tailbone) at the back.  These muscles support your bladder, bowel and uterus, with your urethra, vagina and rectum passing from these organs through your

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Ankle Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for Recurrent Ankle Sprains

At PMPP we often have clients presenting with ankle sprains, often related to sudden changes of direction involved in sports such as soccer, AFL and netball, and also from tripping over when running or walking. The most common type of ankle sprain is an inversion sprain, occurring when the outside ligaments of the ankle are

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Physiotherapy services

What is Hand Therapy?

What is hand therapy? Hand Therapy is the art and science of rehabilitation of the upper limb – shoulder to hand. It involves evaluation and testing to assess the injured limb from which a specific treatment program can be designed. A variety of treatment techniques are used to achieve these goals. Hand therapists are qualified

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Prenatal Yoga

Pre-Natal Yoga

Prior to becoming pregnant I loved attending regular yoga sessions, including Aerial Yoga which involves hanging upside down from silks! I had also started doing private sessions with Stephanie Williams from Kalpita Yoga, focusing on inversions, involving headstands, handstands and arm balances. I really found this to be a great compliment to my running training,

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