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Top tips for plane travel

Whether it’s a long haul international flight or a quick domestic trip up to Sydney, there’s no doubt plane travel is tough on the body. And it can be mentally draining and exhausting too! After racking up some frequent flyer points the last couple of years here are my top tips for plane travel to

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Pilates to improve your running

When training for marathons or any distance running events, many people substitute the gym for additional miles on the road. While the added mileage may benefit your endurance training, it may also lead to more injuries. When the musculoskeletal system cannot meet the demands of increased mileage, compensation and poor technique creep in, creating instability

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Wrist Injuries- A look at TFCC

The Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) is a complex structure within the wrist joint, acting as a major stabilizer of the joints between the forearm and the hand. The TFCC carries approximately 20% of load transmitted from the wrist to the forearm, as well as allowing for complex movements of the wrist. The TFCC is made

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Dry Needling…could it help me?

Often patients will ask me about dry needling. What dry needling is? The benefits? And what the difference is between dry needling and acupuncture? I use dry needling in the treatment and management of many of my patients, with excellent results and minimal pain!   What is dry needling?  Dry needling is a safe, minimally

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Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are one of the most common sports injuries. A sudden twist or landing on the foot awkwardly can overstretch and tear the supporting ligaments of the joint, causing pain and swelling. Ankle sprains commonly occur when the foot rolls in too far. This injury is particularly common in activities that require running, jumping

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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions Happy New Year everyone! I cannot believe it is 2015 already and Christmas has been and gone for yet another year. The New Year always brings with it the chance to set new goals and plan for the year ahead. Whether this is re-assessing career pathways, planning business development, saving for a

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Your Travel Workout Guide

Travelling for work and holidaying overseas can get in the way of a regular gym or exercise routine. Not all hotels have gyms, and late arrival times and early departures mean it’s not always conducive to going out for a walk or jog. So before you know it you’re feeling tired, sluggish and back to

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Ergonomics of your Work Station

One of the most common injuries that presents to physiotherapists is back and neck pain resulting from sitting at a computer or desk for long hours. A number of factors can contribute to the onset of spinal pain, however sedentary jobs including prolonged periods of sitting in poor postures are definitely major triggers. Other common

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Heat Vs Cold Therapy

Different injuries and stages of an injury respond differently to ice and heat therapy. As physios we are often asked by our patients whether to use ice or heat for a particular injury. The following will help guide you to which is more appropriate at your stage of injury. Cold Therapy Ice is the best

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