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When the shoe fits- should you wear it?

You may have read our previous blog about choosing the right running shoes (https://bit.ly/2Ms2EMv), however when it comes to everyday shoes- what shoe is right for you? The right footwear can help prevent injuries and improve comfort. Choosing a shoe that fits well, suits your activity and is appropriate for your body type, will help protect

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Shouldering the pain

As the cold winds of winter roll in, we typically start to migrate away from the sandy dunes and vibrant parks and trudge one by one into our local gyms, with an inspired vision of carving out our next summer bod. But before you rush over to your favourite cable machine, I want to talk

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The right Mattress for you

Sarah recently sat down for a chat with Stu Campbell from Tailor beds. Here is all the information you have been asking about his custom made mattress service…   Stu, how did you get into this business and what is your background? Well, my background’s Product Development and I started making mattresses because there was

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What is Proprioception?

Proprioception is the sense of knowing where your body is in space. It helps to maintain joint stability by providing feedback to the brain of body position and movement, assisting with balance and coordination of movement. Proprioception can be impaired when joints are injured. Ligament strains, ACL or meniscus tears, shoulder dislocations and degenerative joint

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Clinical Yoga

Whilst Clinical Pilates has been around for over a decade, Clinical Yoga is fairly new on the physiotherapy scene. I recently attended the Unite Health Level 1 and 2 Therapeutic Yoga Course with Irene Ais, a musculoskeletal physio with over ten years of yoga experience. I came away armed with greater knowledge and awareness of

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Physiotherapy for Cyclists

Similar to a vast majority of Melbournians, cycling has become one of my favourite pastimes. Whether it’s on a fixie or a mountain bike, nothing beats the feeling of freedom exploring the city on two wheels. Just like any other sport, cycling places excessive demands on both the upper and lower limbs. A single ride

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Patella tendinopathy- an alternate cause of knee pain

Patella tendinopathy (also known as jumper’s knee) is an overuse injury affecting the knee, whereby your patella tendon becomes overloaded. The patella is also known as your ‘kneecap’ and the tendon is located just below it. It attaches from the patella and onto your tibia (shin bone).  The cells that make up a tendon, get

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How to ‘wear’ a baby

Babies often want to be held and cuddled. Between feeding, changing and settling, there’s very little time to make meals or attend to the ever-growing loads of washing or housework. If you have more than 1 child to care for, giving attention to older siblings (often needy toddlers) is difficult. Welcome the baby carrier and

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