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Have you had your Skin Check?

Leading into Summer, it’s almost time for beach days, outdoor picnics, and to get out of the gym and exercising outdoors again. And with this comes the time to pull out the sun hats, update your sunscreen and sort out your activewear. Now is also a good time to think about booking in for a

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Understanding your physiology: “Women are Not Small Men”

It is common knowledge that hormones have a powerful effect on energy, sleep, mood and many other aspects of body function. It is also well understood that women’s cycles are biphasic, meaning hormone levels change. However, it is much less discussed in regards to the impact physiology has on female performance and training for endurance

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Coping with Grief

As we head into the ‘Silly Season’ I want to talk about stress, grief, and tension. This trifecta can often consume us and finding a way to be happy can sometimes seem impossible.   Attempting to suppress these feelings will probably leave you feeling emotionally exhausted, drained, and defeated.  Ultimately, grief and stress can physically manifest in

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An Inclusive Practice

Being in a clinical environment we tend to attract a lot of athletic and highly active people. Weekend warriors, beach road runners and triathletes all cross through our doors for remedial massage treatments. We also of course see many office workers with sore necks and backs. However, I just wanted to highlight a topic I

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Did you make you ergonomic resolutions this year?

Each New Year, we fall into the habit of making the same resolutions: Get fit. Lose weight. Save money. These resolutions often get broken, usually with the excuse that work takes up too much time to focus on your wellbeing. As we head into the second half of the year, now is the perfect time

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Good support means finding the right fit

Back and neck pain is one of the most common sources of pain that we treat as physiotherapists. For many women, ill-fitting bra’s can be a contributing factor towards back and neck pain. This is especially common for larger breasted women, and during or post pregnancy when breast size changes. The weight of large breasts

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Persistent Pelvic Pain in Females

What is persistent pelvic pain? Persistent pelvic pain (PPP) is persistent or recurrent pain located below the abdomen, around the pelvis either internally or externally, that you have experienced for a minimum of six months. One in four women will experience PPP and only one quarter of these women will seek help. What are the

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C-Section massage for effective recovery

A few things to note before we talk about C- section massage. C-Section is Major Surgery Having a caesarean section birth is a major surgery, although these days they are becoming more common practice. There are 2 types of caesarean incisions, transverse (bikini line cut) and vertical ,which is usually only during an emergency. The

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Magnesium dubbed a pregnant woman’s BFF

The Importance of Magnesium during pregnancy. Whether it is baby number 1 or 4 our pregnancies can be so different bub to bub. Pregnancy comes with big changes to our body. Ensuring we keep up with the demands of growing our little human is so important. If we are trying to fall pregnant there is

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