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Postnatal pilates

Mother’s Group Collaboration

The team at PMPP is excited to be collaborating with Port Melbourne’s Womindjeka Family and Children’s Centre to give post-natal physiotherapy advice to new mums. We will be attending the centre every 6 weeks to provide an information session to new mums as part of their mother’s group program. As a new mum myself, I

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postnatal pilates

Post Natal Physiotherapy

With the current Port Melbourne baby boom (!) we are seeing a large number of post-natal women through the Physiotherapy clinic and Pilates studio. Mastitis, postural pain and wrist pain are three post-natal conditions we have seen in increasing numbers of late, so I thought it timely to share my thoughts on these topics. Mastitis

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6 tips to improve your post-run recovery in 2017

Recovery is going to be a word I use pretty often in 2017.  I am taking on an epic running challenge, doing 17 marathons over the course of the year (so on average one every three weeks!) in order to raise $17,000 for Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. The first one is an ultra marathon on

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headache physiotherapy

Causes and Treatment of Headaches

Headaches can affect up to two thirds of the population and the cause of headaches is multifactorial.   Headaches can be classified into seven main categories:         Headaches associated with viral illness (respiratory infections, etc.,)          Vascular headaches (migraine or cluster headache)         Cervical headache (referred from the joints, muscles and/or fascia)         Tension headaches

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christmas nutrition

Tis the season to enjoy eating … mindfully!

Rather than provide a stock set of nutrition tips (eat more veggies, watch your portion sizes, alternate alcohol with plain mineral water), I thought it was time we start training for Christmas, specifically how to reconnect with your body, ditch the guilt, avoid over eating and gain pleasure from the foods you eat. The Christmas

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nutrition heart health

Looking after your heart

  In Australia, every 10 minutes someone has a heart attack and every hour one of those heart attack sufferers lose their life. Seeing as heart attacks are so prevalent it is really important that you know how to prevent and detect heart attacks so that you can continue to live a long and healthy

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sports physiotherapy

Rio Olympics/paralympics- a personal encounter

One of our clients and good friends Victoria Kahn recently returned from the Rio Olympics/Paralympics and kindly answered some questions for us about her experiences working with the equestrian teams at the Games. What was your role at Rio? I was the Sports Science/Sports Medicine Manager and Physiotherapist with the Australian Equestrian Team for the

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running physiotherapy

What running shoes are best for me?

I recently interviewed Claire Thomas from Mizuno Australia, to find out some more information about the huge range in running and training shoes that are out on the market these days. Claire has worked in the running shoe industry for 8 years now, and has extensive experience and knowledge about the technical side of running

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remedial massage

Remedial Massage- give back to your body

Spring is here and the days are getting longer, soon it will be warmer and will become easier to start exercising and moving more. This change in season also brings the Tri season, Melbourne Marathon, fun runs and sporting events which involve training, time, and treatments to keep you injury free and able to compete

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