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Multiple Sclerosis and Pilates

My multiple sclerosis journey: It’s been 20 years since I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I’d thought of ways of marking the milestone, but it’s hardly cause for celebration. Then I was invited to write a short blog about my experience of Pilates for multiple sclerosis – perfect. Discovering the benefits of Clinical Pilates: Discovering Pilates is a

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Paediatric Physiotherapy – motor development milestones

Gross motor development milestones from birth to 3 years old: As babies and young children grow, motor development is something we are interested in as Physiotherapists. They begin to develop new movement skills and patterns with age. All children are different and develop these skills at a variable rate. This motor development does, however, follow

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Exercise motivation

Returning to physical exercise post-lockdown For a lot of people, exercise motivation has plummeted during a prolonged lockdown. In light of this, many of our exercise habits have changed during the past 7 months.  We’ve all tried our best to stay active during COVID. Whether it be walking blocks or running laps of our suburbs. Perhaps

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Are your kids getting enough exercise?

We are living in an age where technology has taken over so much of our time. Kids are spending more time in front of televisions and IPADs. We can probably all agree this has been exacerbated by COVID. Homeschooling and the closure of sports venues, competitive sports, pools and recreation facilities has fueled the problem.

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childbirth & postpartum

Pregnancy, childbirth & postnatal journey

2020 has certainly been a year that no one will forget! On February 17th, Andrew and I welcomed Claudia Elizabeth Minichiello into the world. Claudia weighed 3.3kg and was 10 days overdue. We were so delighted to become Mum and Dad and knew our lives would never be the same once she arrived. Covid-19 was

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stay positive

Stay positive during Covid-19!

Have you struggled to stay positive in 2020? It is safe to say you’re not alone. There is uncertainty around work, finances and health. We aren’t able to spend quality time with loved ones. Communication has become predominantly technologically-based with the likes of Zoom and FaceTime. Planning too far into the future is futile as

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van life

Lockdown hobbies

Keeping occupied during these strange times: Up until stage 4, I was fortunate to have a multitude of tasks to keep myself busy. With the new restrictions in place, things started to look a bit different. I found myself looking for things to occupy my (literal) idle hands. Always the optimist, I was determined to

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Surviving lockdown – healthy eating habits & a positive mindset

Healthy eating has been sporadic for many: When the new restrictions were announced, I temporarily put healthy eating on the back burner and instead bought chocolate. Soul-comforting, dopamine-releasing chocolate. I was armed with hand sanitiser, face masks and a desire to find some joy in this strange time. Food is more than its nutritional value: A lot

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exercise at home

Lockdown exercise ideas

Things are looking a little different this year: How are you going with your lockdown exercise? Gyms are shut, team sports are on hold and exercises classes have been cancelled. It comes as no surprise that many of you are missing your exercise regime! Lockdown exercise is not what we are used to but we

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Does telehealth physiotherapy work?

COVID19 has created a devastating challenge for Physiotherapy. With stage 4 restrictions in place, we need to ensure clients receive the treatment they require. We aim to support our clients by offering online Telehealth services.  These consultations are ideal if you are unable to attend the clinic in person. We are able provide assessment, treatment

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