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Sit-ups…..to do or not to do?

I recently had a conversation during a Pilates class with a client who was 36 weeks pregnant at the time.  She was quite upset as a friend of hers had just told her that if she ended up giving birth by Caesarian section then she would never be able to do sit-ups again. According to

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Boosting Immunity

A varied, well-balanced diet, regular exercise, lots of water and good sleep are keys to avoiding illness in the lead in to the long winter ahead. On top of this I also swear by my daily routine of vitamin and supplement intake as an added preventative. Every day I take 4 supplements religiously, vitamin C,

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Why does my jaw hurt?

A common complaint presenting to dentists and physio’s is “why does my jaw hurt?” Commonly patients present with jaw or facial pain or discomfort when opening the mouth wide or chewing on hard or large food, such as apples and nuts. Clicking, popping or grating sounds may also be present when opening or closing the

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Working with Tennis Australia

Each December the country’s best tennis players assemble at Melbourne Park for the December Showdown. In 16 days, more than 1500 matches are played to find out who is Australia’s best junior tennis player across each age group (U12, 14, 16 & 18). The Australian Open Wildcard Play-Off is also played, which sees players from

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Setting Nutrition Goals

Ah, the festive season! A time when red, green, silver and white decorations fill the streets, when Christmas trees and light decorations go up, when the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping keep retailers busy, when schools close for the holidays, and work shuts down and road traffic becomes less nightmarish. I love this time

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Benefits of a Running Coach

After an extended rest from running (9 months) following a constantly niggling Achilles tendon injury, I decided to slowly start back again in June this year to test it out. I had spent 6 months doing a strength training program and felt much stronger and more stable around hips/pelvis, which had definitely been contributing to

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Why do I sweat when I exercise?

Is the key to getting fitter and stronger really ‘blood, sweat and tears’? Not sure about blood and tears, but sweating is key to managing body temperature whilst exercising. Now that we’re leading into summer, the effect of exercising in hot conditions is even more significant. When body temperature rises (in hot temperature conditions or during an

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Gluteals- what are they??

Your gluteals…what are they?! They are your buttock muscles….you may know this much, but did you know that they are a group of muscles that each have a different role?  Or did you know how important they are in providing support to the lower back and pelvis? And, that they are important for movement and

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