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How to ‘wear’ a baby

Babies often want to be held and cuddled. Between feeding, changing and settling, there’s very little time to make meals or attend to the ever-growing loads of washing or housework. If you have more than 1 child to care for, giving attention to older siblings (often needy toddlers) is difficult. Welcome the baby carrier and

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Bursitis – what is it and how is it treated?

What is a bursa? We have bursas (or bursae) all over our body, in fact we have over 150! A bursa is a fluid filled sac, usually found around joints, between bones and tendons, muscles and/or skin. Bursae cushion and glide to allow for movement and also prevent friction. When bursae get irritated and inflamed,

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Running Physiotherapy

Running a marathon – a personal experience

To say that I have always been a running enthusiast is not a strong enough statement…..I have always been OBSESSED with running!! I quite literally love the feeling of pounding the pavement. Running has been a regular part of my week since I was 16 years old and whilst at university I started running half

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Travelling after joint replacement surgery

The following blog post was written by orthopaedic surgeon Mr Ilan Freedman.   A question which patients commonly ask is “When can I fly after having a Hip or Knee Replacement?”. Traditional reservations regarding flying after hip replacement surgery are due to the potential risk associated with prolonged immobilisation (i.e. not being able to move around

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Strength training: pre-season vs in-season

Why in-season strength training is just as important as your pre-season For many of us who play a sport, summer is the time for infamous preseasons – we increase our strength training, our conditioning, and prepare our bodies for the long season ahead. But what about during the season? How many of us get through

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Gluteal Tendinopathy – A Pain in the Hip

Tendons are bands of fibrous tissues that connect muscle to bone. They have elastic properties that are generally well suited for the loads required by daily activities. However, when the loads placed on the tendon become far greater than it’s capacity, the tendon undergoes structural changes. This is known as tendinopathy. Gluteal tendinopathy, refers to

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Stress and how it can affect you

It is coming into my favourite time of year Summer, and the Oh so wonderful Christmas period! This time of year for me is about winding down and relaxing before we start a new, but for some people this time of year incites stress. What is stress? Stress is a normal healthy response we have

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