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Good support means finding the right fit

Back and neck pain is one of the most common sources of pain that we treat as physiotherapists. For many women, ill-fitting bra’s can be a contributing factor towards back and neck pain. This is especially common for larger breasted women, and during or post pregnancy when breast size changes. The weight of large breasts

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Persistent Pelvic Pain in Females

What is persistent pelvic pain? Persistent pelvic pain (PPP) is persistent or recurrent pain located below the abdomen, around the pelvis either internally or externally, that you have experienced for a minimum of six months. One in four women will experience PPP and only one quarter of these women will seek help. What are the

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C-Section massage for effective recovery

A few things to note before we talk about C- section massage. C-Section is Major Surgery Having a caesarean section birth is a major surgery, although these days they are becoming more common practice. There are 2 types of caesarean incisions, transverse (bikini line cut) and vertical ,which is usually only during an emergency. The

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Magnesium dubbed a pregnant woman’s BFF

The Importance of Magnesium during pregnancy. Whether it is baby number 1 or 4 our pregnancies can be so different bub to bub. Pregnancy comes with big changes to our body. Ensuring we keep up with the demands of growing our little human is so important. If we are trying to fall pregnant there is

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Thoracic Mobility

The thoracic spine is comprised of the twelve vertebrae (back bones) of the middle segment of the spine. Thoracic mobility is important for good posture, to prevent back and neck pain, improve shoulder range of motion and to enable overhead lifting and mobility. A stiff thoracic spine that is unable to extend, limits efficient shoulder

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It takes a village

Have you ever heard the saying “it takes a village” ? You might have heard someone like Roger Federer imply it, or Lucy Bartholomew hint at it. They are athletes in very solitary sports, but their success depends on an entire ‘village’ of people.  They might be the person in the limelight or the one

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Myositis: an autoimmune condition

Myositis encompasses a group of rare autoimmune conditions. An autoimmune condition is one where our body’s defence system starts to mistakenly attack its own cells. Why this happens is not clearly understood. In Myositis the body’s immune system attacks muscle cells, resulting in inflammation and weakness. Symptoms The symptoms, including which muscles are affected, depends

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Sporting Injuries in Adolescents

Adolescents lead active and energetic lives, often taking part in multiple sporting activities a week. With participation in organised sport at a peak, this has lead to an associated increase in injury.  Commonly, young athletes suffer from two types of injuries: acute traumatic and chronic overuse injuries. Adolescents suffer from similar injuries as adults, however

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Cancer diagnosis – how Physio can help with recovery

Cancer rehabilitation is a relatively new area of Physiotherapy and one that I have been fortunate enough to undergo post-graduate training in. As an increasing number of people are treated for various forms of cancer, the need for Physiotherapy-based rehabilitation has become very apparent.   Who can benefit? The majority of clients (but certainly not

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